Artos Babcock Brush

What Does Artos Babcock Brush Do?

Artos Babcock Brush that are used to prevent the separation of the fabric from the band by supporting the fabric edges from the bottom to ensure the tight movement of the fabric in Artos Babcock Stenter Machines where the drying and finishing process of the fabric is performed. It is very important that the bristles are produced from durable materials with the right technique as the brushes lose their functionality due to heat and needle pressure over time.

Where Can I Get Artos Babcock Brush?

You can obtain Artos Babcock Brushes From Par Machine, which are used in Artos Babcock Stenter Machines to support the fabric edges form the top and prevent the fabric from leaving the band.
Artos Babcock has created our own brand in the sector in terms of brush production, and our customer satisfaction is our priority together with our production and delivery speed. Brush with developments in the production of 1996 show that we have the largest stock with a nominal Stenter Machinery and Spare Parts in Turkey about who we are agency sales network.
Par Machine provides textile machinery maintenance and revision works, fabric feeding systems production and assembly, assembly and renewal of all spare parts on the main machine, stenter rail manufacturing and revision, general maintenance – repair detection and reporting, as well as automation systems.
Artos Babcock Pin and Artos Babcock Clip materials, which help to keep the fabric in the factory, are also available in Par Machine stocks.
Artos Babcock Ram Machine spare parts; We have stocks for your needs such as Artos Babcock Combined Clip, Pin Holder, Artos Babcock Pin Holder Screw, Artos Babcock Horizontal Lubricated Chain Completly and Artos Babcock Chain.
Artos Babcock Connecting Link Unlubricated, Artos Babcock Clip Shoes, Artos Babcock Chain Slider and Artos Babcock Bolt Nut are among the spare parts of Artos Babcock Stenter Machine that we have in stock.
You can obtain your needs for Artos Babcock Feeding Belt, Artos Babcock Chain Gear and other Artos Babcock Stenter Machine spare parts from Par Machine.
You can find all kinds of consumables and spare parts for our Artos Babcock Ram Machines at Par Machine.
For all other Artos Babcock Stenter Machine consumables and spare parts, you can view our website or browse our catalog.

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For all other Stenter Machine spare parts and consumables, you can visit our Web Site or view our Product Catalog.

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